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Volvo 122 service manual

If wiring is okay, go to next step.
If voltage is as specified, sensor is okay.
Depress accelerator to full throttle and note maximum RPM obtained.Start engine, apply brakes and place transmission in D position.If you are more concerned with spending less and finding the best deal possible, then.1.81 (46.0).55 (14.0) Outer (Orange).With mode selector switch fm pdf to image converter pro 3.0 in E position, battery voltage should exist.OFF Valve body contains 4 solenoids.Refer to the following: 1992 models, see: AIR BAG restraint system 1993 models, see: AIR BAG restraint system 1994 models, see: AIR BAG restraint system.Note: Lock-up in 2nd gear occurs when transmission oil temperature exceeds 257 F (125 C) on AW30-40 transmission or 239 F (115 C) on AW30-43 transmission.SRS-related components are located in steering column, center console, instrument panel and lower panel on instrument panel.
If a DTC is displayed, refer to diagnostic trouble codes definition table under trouble code definition.
Open In Lock-Up Solenoid Circuit 3-3-3.
Valve body solenoids, valve body solenoids, mounted on the valve body, are output devices controlled by signals received from the TCM.
Circuit component testing brake switch Ensure ignition is off.
Resistance should be infinite in all other pedal positions.
See hydraulic pressure test.
Input signal from mode selector switch is sent to TCM.Our huge inventory includes parts for a number of different types of Volvos, from XC90s to S60s.1 Shift Solenoid Circuit 1-1-3 Yes TCM Fault 1-1-4.Battery voltage should be present.Note: Operational description of other components is not available from manufacturer.Enter code for chosen component.Apply service brake and shift transmission into D position.A/C-Heater System Volvo 960.3: Locating Transmission Control Module (TCM) Courtesy of Volvo Cars of North America.If first code repeats, no other codes are present.Press adapter into TCM connector base.Line Pressure Solenoid Ground.Under fault condition, control panel ignores the faulty signal, selects an alternative pre-programmed value and prevents delivery of faulty output signals.To clear DTC, turn ignition.

Depress button and keep depressed for more than one second (but not more than 3 seconds).