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Bleached out patch of grass

Roll out grass patches are a simple solution to covering areas of grass that may not have taken well in your yard.
Roll out grass patches will need to be cut to size.
My Patch of Grass is the perfect getaway for a weekend or longer if you're visiting from out of town.Examples from Classical Literature, rain was falling, pit-a-pat, and he was without cover on a wet patch of grass.The patch needs to be placed on the prepared soil.From AfrikaansFrom AlbanianFrom AmharicFrom ArabicFrom ArmenianFrom AzerbaijaniFrom BasqueFrom BelarusianFrom BengaliFrom BosnianFrom BulgarianFrom CatalanFrom CebuanoFrom ChichewaFrom ChineseFrom CorsicanFrom CroatianFrom CzechFrom DanishFrom DutchFrom EsperantoFrom EstonianFrom FarsiFrom FilipinoFrom FinnishFrom FrenchFrom FrisianFrom GalicianFrom GeorgianFrom GermanFrom GreekFrom GujaratiFrom Haitian CreoleFrom HausaFrom HebrewFrom HindiFrom HmongFrom HungarianFrom IcelandicFrom IgboFrom IndonesianFrom IrishFrom ItalianFrom.This will loosen up the ground and allow the patch to root faster.Pat it down as well as you can by hand.But the site is a scruffy patch of grass beside a rain-slicked freeway, and the toreros wear K-Mart clothes and look like teenagers.With very little effort, you can transform the tattiest patch of grass into a lush green carpet.You may need to add some soil if the ground is especially hard.There's a full and complete kitchen, a comfy lounge room with wifi and Netflix, a peaceful and relaxing backyard complete with Weber Q, and an inviting outdoor entertaining area.You can do this with a good pair of garden shears or a sharp utility knife.Step 1 - Rake the Area.I ask if he would be so kind as to take me back to his tepee for a short powwow, and we walk down a sidewalk to a small patch of grass outside the rodeo arena.Remember that the roll out patch will shrink a little as it starts to settle, so allow about 1/2 inch of overlap when you are cutting.
The light shone on a small patch of ground that was marked with grass.
We wound up on the tiny patch of grass two doors down from my boardinghouse, in front of some cheap converted apartments.
Sentence Examples, every fall we were allowed to go on the patch of grass around the walnut tree to pick up walnuts and bring them inside for her to bake with.
Start by raking the area well.
We always get through these rough patches, but let's face it, no one ever likes sitting in a patch of grass burrs at the time no matter how funny the story may be later.The cabins stand in their own picket-fenced patch of grass amid beautiful countryside.You can use a grass roller once it has been placed to ensure better contact.That way, when I address the ball, the leaf or patch of grass is still in my peripheral vision and can remind me where my target.Another word forOpposite ofMeaning ofRhymes withSentences withFind word formsTranslate from EnglishTranslate cod mw2 no steam patch rar to EnglishWords With FriendsScrabbleCrossword / CodewordWords starting withWords ending withWords containing exactlyWords containing lettersPronounceFind conjugationsFind names.He left the trees and walked onto the patch of grass that lay beside the river.Step 4 - Watering, new patches need to be watered with in half an hour of installation.It will need to be watered more often than the rest of the yard to ensure it stays alive while it goes through the rooting process.The house has everything you need.A luxurious King bed and a cosy queen bed.This was all barely registering in Lora's mind as she idly sat, legs close together, on a moist patch of grass in the garden.

Garth found a patch of grass underneath a tree, laid down, and fell asleep.