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New release directiva n 002 77 inap dnr .pdf

(Steve Rowe) solr-12256 : Fixed some eventual-consistency issues with collection aliases by using.
Solr will support rolling upgrades from old.x versions of Solr to future.x releases until the last release of the.x major version.
This fix also makes SolrCloud more accepting of hostContext values with leading/trailing slashes.
In case you have a pressing need to run solr the old way, you can run "java -jar start.Also being able to run all Lucene and Solr tests as a configuration (Karthik Ramachandran via Varun Thacker, Uwe Schindler) solr-12118 : Solr Ref-Guide can now use some ivy version props directly as attributes in content (hossman) solr-12152 : Split up TriggerIntegrationTest into multiple tests.If you are using an RPT or other spatial field referencing Spatial4j in its configuration, then replace the string "re" with "org.(yonik) solr-7440 : DebugComponent does not return the right requestPurpose for pivot facet refinements.(Uwe Schindler) solr-5765 comment crack fruity loops 10.0.9 : Update to SLF4J.7.6.Jar" from inside the server directory.Also, now supports old-style qt param when handler not prefixed with (janhoy) solr-8725 : Allow hyphen in collection, core, shard, and alias name as the non-first character (Anshum Gupta) (from.0) solr-8155 : json Facet snooker pc games 2009 API - field faceting on a multi-valued string field without.(Steven Bower, shalin) solr-6223 : SearchComponents may throw NPE when using lerant and there is a failure in the phase.(Andreas Hubold, Alan Woodward) solr-6864 : Support registering searcher listeners in form(SolrCore) method.When migrating, if you don't know what your old settings mean, simply delete both indexDefaults and mainIndex sections.DocSetBase moved to use FixedBitSet instead of OpenBitSet.All entities in data-config.
When facet minCount 0 and the number of matching documents is small (or 0) this enhancement prevents considering terms which have a 0 count.
Add ' schemaFactory class"ManagedSchemaFactory" mutable"true ' to solrconfig.
(Erick dap 7.4 activation code crack Erickson) solr-11122 : Creating a core should write a operties file first and clean up on failure (Erick Erickson) solr-10910 : Clean up a few details left over from pluggable transient core and untangling CoreDescriptor/CoreContainer references (Erick Erickson) solr-10721 : Provide a way.
(Varun Thacker, Noble Paul, Mark Miller) solr-5853 : The createCollection methods in the test framework now reports result of operation in the returned CollectionAdminResponse (janhoy) solr-5838 : Relative SolrHome Path Bug At AbstractFullDistribZkTestBase.
LengthFilterFactory" in all of your Analyzers.OpenIfChanged in non-NRT mode.Solr now uninverts per segment to avoid such exceptions.(David Smiley) solr-8933 : Solr should not close container streams.(Ishan Chattopadhyaya, hossman via Anshum Gupta) solr-7662 : Refactored response writing to consolidate the logic in one place (Noble Paul) solr-7110 : Added option to optimize JavaBinCodec to minimize string Object creation (Noble Paul) Release.1.0 Consult the lucene_changes.(zengjie via Christine Poerschke) solr-8355 : update permissions were failing node recovery (noble, Anshum Gupta) Optimizations (7) solr-7918 : Filter (DocSet) production from term queries has been optimized and is anywhere from 20 to over 100 faster and produces less garbage on average.(hossman) solr-221 : Speed up sorted faceting on multivalued fields by 60 when the base set consists of a relatively large portion of the index.(uschindler) solr-2339 : Fix sorting to explicitly generate an error if you attempt to sort on a multiValued field.(Timothy Potter) solr-6187 : solr-6154 : facet.(koji) solr-2221 : Use rseBool to get values of boolean options in DIH.(Timothy Potter) solr-7332 : Initialize the highest value for all version buckets with the max value from the index or recent updates to avoid unnecessary lookups to the index to check for reordered updates when processing new documents.Relative paths specified in the solr.(ryan) solr-20 : Added a java client interface with two implementations.